Meet the British Shorthair Breeder

It’s time to meet another British Shorthair Breeder. We would like to introduce you to …

Pamela Lanigan – Western Australia

What is your breeding prefix and which association are you registered with?

Cuddleton British Shorthairs – Cats United WA Inc

How long have you been breeding British Shorthairs?

Since 2004

What was the name of your first cat?

My first pet cat as an adult was Pookie and my first British Shorthair was Poppy, Britz Pussy Willow

What colours do you breed?

I breed solids, bicolours and vans in blue, blue tortie, black, black tortie, chocolate, chocolate tortie, lilac, lilac tortie, cinnamon, cinnamon tortie, fawn and fawn tortie plus red, and cream.

Tell us what you love most about the breed

They are a really independent, easy care breed that makes for a wonderful inside only pet. They are great company without being in your face and they love just being lazy and looking cute. They can also be great show cats as they are slow to mature and can have a long show career.

What would you like to tell people that are looking to adopt a British Shorthair?

Your cat is going to be a kitten for nine months but with you hopefully for fifteen plus years. Choose based on temperament plus suitability for your lifestyle and home not just on a certain look, colour and sex.

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