How to clean British Shorthair Ears

British Shorthair cats can have dirty ears and it is important to clean them. Not every British Shorthair will have dirty ears though. Some do and some don’t. It tends to be that when they do, they really do and it can be quite black and yucky.

Angus the lilac British Shorthair has lovely clean ears
Angus the lilac British Shorthair has lovely clean ears. Find out more about British Shorthair colours here

A word about Ear Mites

Ear mites can be a problem in cats. They cause yucky, dirty ears too. The good news is that they will be unlikely to be an issue for your British Shorthair if you keep it as an inside only pet. The mites are passed through contact with other animals so limited contact means limited transmission.

Boarding your cat, the vets and when you initially adopt your cats are points were they can get mites. In those instances you should definitely book a vet appointment especially if your cat is scratching or shaking their ears. They will look at some of the dirt under a microscope to check and prescribe treatment if its needed.

How to Clean Your British Shorthair Cat’s Ears

To begin with, if the ears are very dirty, wipe them with your finger or a cotton pad and a tissue. This is to give them an initial clean. Then you can see if they need more work. The next step is to take a cotton ball or cotton pad. Wet it with water then squeeze it out so that it is damp but not dripping. Wipe the ear out. At the base of the ear is a channel that can get clogged up. That is an area to wipe out in particular as it can help the wax come out on its own.

If your cat will let you, you can now detail clean the ear with a cotton bud. Be careful. Don’t jam it deep into the ear. Instead use it in a sweeping motion to move the wax out of the creases and wrinkles in the ear. You can go a little deep into the ear but always with a sweeping upwards motion not swirling. If your cat does have bad wax the cotton bud will be black. You can grab a fresh one and do the same again a few times but not too much as the ear is sensitive. Better to wait a day or two and do it over again.

Dirty Ears and Yeast Infections

If the ear is really bad, quite wet, smells or just seems too dirty you should make a vet appointment. Your British Shorthair could have a yeast infection in the ear. If they are a cat with a waxy ear this can happen as it is the perfect environment for it to develop.

The vet will do a test and if there is yeast they will prescribe daily drops. There is also a medication given at the vets and then given again one week later which is good at clearing up ears but it can be pricey.

Maintaining you British Shorthairs Ears

Once you have learned how to clean your British Shorthair cat’s ears it is easy to maintain them with a regular wipe. There are ear cleaning wipes on the market which are great if they are gentle but a plain tissue is fine too.

Purchasing Ear Cleaning Solutions for your British Shorthair Cat

These are some products you can buy to use to clean your British Shorthair cats ears. They are medicated and can help if your cat does have more problematic ears.

Ilium Ear Drops for Dogs and Cats 20 mL

Virbac Epi-Otic Ear and Skin Cleanser 120 ml

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