British Shorthair Kittens. Where are they?

“No one seems to have British Shorthair kittens available at the moment”

Let me guess, you have googled and searched and contacted breeder after breeder but no one has a British Shorthair kitten available for you to adopt. If you’re having trouble finding that cute British Shorthair kitten to love dont give up. Before you start to worry that you’ll never be able to own the kitten of your dreams let me tell you why you are not having any luck.

The simple answer is it’s autumn or winter. Most people think of cats as having kittens all the time. Maybe for some breeds this is true but not the British Shorthair cat. They are what is called seasonal breeders. This means they only have kittens during the warmer months of the year beginning in spring and ending late summer or early autumn.

In British Shorthair female cats the breeding cycle is triggered by day length. They come “in to call”, which is the term used for being in season and receptive to breeding, once the winter solstice or shortest day of the year has passed. In the southern hemisphere this is after June 21st. Soon after this date cats will start to be mated by breeders and litters start to be born.

British Shorthair Litter Size

Unfortunately though there is another catch. British Shorthairs don’t have big litters. Three or four kittens, maybe five or six. Not as many as other breeds. So even when litters start to be born there can still be less kittens available than people looking to adopt.

This is why its really important to keep checking in with your breeder of choice during the colder months. Let them know you are still keen so that when the first kittens start to be born they think of you as a potential owner of one of their British Shorthair Kittens.

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